A dollar saved is 97 cents earned*

monopoly denominated mischief

without comments

centralize and bankrupt
here there is nothing left to corrupt
grand ambitions and broken dreams
but we must serve our master

born into it
time to get a loan that pays
bigger faster better
I need more

McMansions and happy meals make not a man rich
in health or spirits or wealth
someday somebody is going to pay for this
but who?

print enough to get through the day
kick the can
call it a plan
and who could have saw any harm in saving the day

trade away the future
just keep borrowing, consuming
one day it will all be ok
everyone will get ahead

except that raghead
we dropped a bomb on his head
mass murder beats socialism
in a democratic free capital society

regulate and subsidize
surprise surpirse
the math works out
move some digits and say its free

ignore inflation
we will tax the rich
they will fix the systemic risk
financial terrorists are our friends

if I can borrow a moment and a dollar, please let me pledge a trillion
have full faith, I have bought my way, and I will make you pay
not for service or goods or value
but simply for existing in perpetual serfdom

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March 1st, 2009 at 8:22 am

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